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Ranking Every One Of John Cena's Title Match Wins Worst To Best
28. WWE Tag Team Champs
On February 21, 2011, John Cena found an unlikely ally in then-WWE champion The Miz against the Corre members Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel for the WWE Tag-team titles. Although Miz and Cena won the titles, Miz turned on Cena during the rematch, and the title reign was over as quickly as it began.
27. The Sixth WWE Title Win
After Cena defeated five other wrestlers inside the “Elimination Chamber” on February 21, 2010, and became the six-time WWE champ, Mr. McMahon made him defend the title against Batista immediately. Batista beat him quickly and snatched the title in one of the most disappointing title reigns in Cena’s career.
26. Nexus Tag Champs
During Cena’s association with The Nexus, he teamed up with David Otunga against Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre for the WWE Tag Team titles. Cena and Otunga won the tag titles on “Bragging Rights” on October 24, 2010, but lost it on the following “Raw” to Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel, in yet another disappointing title run.
25. OVW Tag Champs
Cena (then known as the Prototype) and Rico Constantino competed for the vacated Ohio Valley Wrestling tag titles in 2001 and went on to beat the Disciples of Synn (BJ Payne and Damian) to win the titles. Although not a very remarkable victory given Cena’s career, it was his first time as a tag champ in any promotion.
24. UPW Heavyweight Title
Before he joined OVW, Cena competed in Ultimate Pro Wrestling, where he faced Smelly, a.k.a Mark Bell, for the UPW Heavyweight Championship and won. Although he held the title for just a month, this was a historic win for Cena, as this was the very first time he held championship gold of any kind.