NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE - JULY 31: Wrestler Ric Flair is seen at Nashville Municipal Auditorium on July 31, 2022 in Nashville, Tennessee. (Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images)
Ric Flair's Most Memorable Tag Team Partners
Arn Anderson is remembered as "The Nature Boy's" most memorable ally as he established Flair as a legitimate force and the two teamed together more than 230 times. Flair and Anderson teamed up until WCW's dying days when Anderson retired and eventually took a job with WWE as a road agent.
Arn Anderson
Rip Hawk, a tag team partner of Ric Flair's for several years in the '70s, had an instrumental role in "The Nature Boy's" career, and the two even won tag team gold on one occasion. Hawk took Flair under his wing, saying, "he was one of the new breed, coming in a wild era and he proved himself."
Rip Hawk
Flair wrestled an unproven Lex Luger in a world title match around 1987, and although the two maintained a steady rivalry during the heyday of WCW, they were occasional allies. Known as Team Package, Flair and Luger teamed up 10 times, even competing for WCW tag team gold, and Flair said, "I think he is a really remarkable human being."
Lex Luger
As one of Ric Flair's best friends and closest backstage allies, Triple H teamed with Flair regularly before the formation of Evolution and on occasion after the stable came to be. After lacking confidence in his in-ring abilities for years, Flair credits HHH for helping him rediscover his mojo in 2002.
Triple H
Flair helped mold Batista into the WWE superstar he'd become, and the two even captured the World Tag Team titles in 2003, giving Flair his first tag title in more than 11 years. Flair and Batista defended the titles valiantly on multiple occasions, and the Evolution stable's tag division teamed until 2005 when Batista broke off.