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Storylines Wrestlers Seriously Regret Doing
Cody Rhodes Solves Racism
Ahead of his feud with Anthony Ogogo, Cody Rhodes cut a patriotic promo about America and got emotional while talking about his biracial daughter and his love for the US. The promo was panned by fans and critics alike, who called it tone-deaf and ill-advised, and since then, Rhodes has admitted that it wasn’t the best idea.
Shawn Michaels’ Comeback
In Crown Jewel 2018, Shawn Michaels came out of retirement to team up with Triple H to take on The Brothers of Destruction — a decision that Michaels has regretted ever since. The match was a disaster on every front, and HBK was more disappointed knowing that The Undertaker would have retired with that match had it been a good one.
The 2005 Love Triangle
In 2005, when Matt Hardy’s girlfriend Lita’s affair with Edge was revealed, WWE used this real-life drama to create one of the most controversial storylines ever. A long-term feud was started between Edge and Matt, and the whole situation was very stressful for Lita, who even considered quitting WWE one month into the feud.
UndertakeR Vs Goldberg
What was initially touted as a dream match between Goldberg and the Undertaker in Super Showdown 2021 soon became one of the worst main event matches of recent history, full of mistimed spots and ugly botches. Undertaker has admitted that the match with Goldberg was "really close to being catastrophic."
Cena Vs Rock
In the build-up to their match at WM XXVIII, John Cena constantly insulted The Rock for leaving WWE for Hollywood, a move that he regretted deeply later on. Cena has admitted that he was wrong to call the Rock a sell-out for leaving WWE for Hollywood, something he himself would do years after the feud.