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Surviving For 35 Years: The History Of WWE Survivor Series
Survivor Series was originally designed to compile dream teams of good guys and bad guys so they could compete against each other, and the first-annual PPV featured a massive elimination tag team match between team leaders Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant. However, Hogan's first Survivor Series appearance ended in a loss for The Hulkster's team.
A Dream Team Showcase
Survivor Series initially began as a Thanksgiving tradition where the most popular WWF heroes battled on TV while the audience gave thanks and enjoyed a nice meal with the family. In 1991, the PPV shifted to Thanksgiving Eve then moved Survivor Series 1995 to Sunday, November 19, and it hasn't returned to its original Thanksgiving slot since.
A Thanksgiving Tradition
The infamous 1990 Survivor Series included a giant egg that sat at the ringside that "Mean" Gene Okerlund periodically checked on until the Gobbledy Gooker hatched from it. The fun-loving, giant turkey, played by Hector Guerrero, and Okerlund danced for a while in the ring while the audience booed.
What's in the egg?
Undertaker made his first appearance on Survivor Series in 1990 and established himself as a future legend, paving the way for The Rock and Kurt Angle in the 1996 and 1999 installments, respectively. In 2001, ECW’s Jazz arrived at the then-WWF Survivor Series and 11 years later, The Shield made their grand appearance.
The First Impression Spot
No discussion of Survivor Series is complete without mentioning the Montreal Screwjob in 1997 where Shawn Michaels faced WWF Champion Bret Hart for the title when their relationship was already sour. HBK put Hart in his signature Sharpshooter submission, but Vince McMahon prematurely ended the match, screwing Hart out of the title.
The Hart Vs. Michaels Match