Tammy Sytch smiling while posing in front of camera
Tammy Sytch's DUI Manslaughter Case Is Reportedly Getting a Sentencing Date
After over a year, Tammy Sytch's trial of DUI manslaughter charges over her role in the death of a 75-year-old man is ending with huge consequences for the former WWE star.
Sytch will be sentenced on November 27, 2023. Her additional charges include multiple counts of DUI causing an injury to a person, and DUI causing damage to property.
In August of 2023, Sytch pleaded no contest to all charges, accepting a guilty plea while also not admitting fault or guilt. She could face up to 25 years in prison.
Additionally, the prosecution is said to be seeking over 26 years. Even with potential good behavior lessening her sentence, Sytch will have to serve 4 years in prison at minimum.
Sytch was first arrested back in May 2022, two months after colliding with the victim's car at a traffic stop. Her blood alcohol levels were found to be over the legal limit.