TOKYO, JAPAN - JANUARY 04: Kenny Omega vs Hiroshi Tanahashi during the IWGP HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP at Wrestle Kingdom 13 at Tokyo Dome on January 4, 2019 in Tokyo, Japan. (Photo by New Japan Pro-Wrestling/Getty Images)
The 10 Most Brutal AEW Matches In The Promotion's Short History
Fyter Fest 2019
The extremely violent Lights Out match between Jon Moxley and Joey Janela had everything from the customary tables and ladders to barbed wire and thumbtacks. Moxley picked up the victory after using Janela as a human pin cushion, although Kenny Omega showed up later, putting Moxley through a table.
Full Gear 2019
The feud between Moxley and Kenny Omega culminated in their own Lights Out match at Full Gear 2019, with everything from broken glass to mousetraps and even a screwdriver. Moxley removed the protective padding from the ring, and the men wrestled on the bare wooden planks, but Omega's failed Phoenix Splash looked especially painful.
Revolution 2021
One year after their Lights Out match, Moxley and Omega faced off again at AEW's first-ever Exploding Barbed Wire Deathmatch. Although the final explosion was a weak blast, the sparks flew continuously throughout and lived up to the expectation set by its predecessor, including the explosion from a little bomb strapped to a barbed wire bat.
St. Patrick's Day Slam 2021
The first-ever Lights Out match to feature two women, Britt Baker and Thunder Rosa put on a gruesome and rough match that was by no means inferior to what the men do. In one of AEW's most heated feuds, Britt and Rosa showed every bit of blood and guts that only men had been allowed to display.
The Parking Lot Brawl between tag teams Best Friends and Santana & Ortiz brought out an unseen side of these wrestlers. They bumped into everything like car hoods, roofs, and windshields, and knowing how hard and unforgiving those surfaces are, one can only imagine what the men went through.