Sharmell and Booker T during The CW Upfront Red Carpet at Madison Square Garden in New York, New York, United States. (Photo by Rob Loud/WireImage)
The 12 Most Entertaining On-Screen Couples In WWE History
Edge & Lita
Edge and Lita regularly pushed the envelope with prolonged make-out sessions and a live sex celebration in the main event segment on "Raw." WWE sought to make Edge a heel, and real-life drama made Edge's ascent easier when fans became aware of a love triangle between Edge, Lita, and Matt Hardy.
Otis & Mandy Rose
As far as odd couples go, few can compare to Otis and Mandy Rose. When Otis encountered Mandy Rose in 2019, he began calling her his "peach," and while Rose at first rebuffed Otis' romantic gestures, she later gifted him a ham and a Christmas kiss as part of the "SmackDown Secret Santa" in 2019.
Goldust & Marlena
Dustin Rhodes' commitment to the Goldust character is legendary, but Marlena, his valet, also had a major hand in the character's success, acting as a brooding foil to Goldust’s character. The existence of these characters during The Attitude Era caused WWE to push the envelope with the couple in more ways than one.
Booker T & Sharmell
Real-life couple Booker T and Sharmell began a storyline together in 2005 with a rivalry against the Boogeymen that ultimately resulted in Booker T winning the 2006 King of the Ring tournament. "There's no King Booker without Queen Sharmell," Booker T said, "That run never, ever happens without Sharmell."
Eddie Guerrero & Chyna
Eddie Guerrero and Chyna may have seemed like an unlikely pairing, but Guerrero's commitment makes this a great on-screen couple. They had a series of hilarious segments, such as Guerrero wrestling Essa Rios at "Backlash 2000" in a bow tie and tuxedo pants after he and Chyna attended his high school prom.