TOKYO, JAPAN - JANUARY 01: Ultimo Dragon reacts during the Pro-Wrestling NOAH at Nippon Budokan on January 01, 2022 in Tokyo, Japan. (Photo by Etsuo Hara/Getty Images)
The 12 Most Successful Masked Wrestlers In WWE, Ranked
12. El Torito
Serving the tag team Los Matadores as a sidekick/mascot from 2013 to 2015, El Torito, or “The Little Bull,” was wildly popular for distracting the rivals of his bullfighting friends. Currently performing as Mascarita Dorada, he has been active on the independent scene since his 2016 WWE release.
11. Patriot
When the pro-Canadian heel Bret Hart needed a rival, Del Wilkes came in with his Patriot gimmick. The flag-wearing American with the eagle and stars mask was a perfect match for the Canadian Hart, and Patriot’s win over Hart at “Raw” made him look like a legitimate threat.
10. Kalisto
A veteran of Mexico’s AAA promotion, Kalisto signed with WWE in 2013 and formed the Lucha Dragons tag team with Sin Cara, culminating in an NXT Tag Team Championship. After the two separated, Kalisto went on to win the US Championship twice and later the Cruiserweight title.
9. Blue Blazer
In 1988, Owen Hart debuted in the WWF as the masked Blue Blazer — a comic book superhero who could beat mid-card wrestlers — but his first run ended after only a year. Hart returned in 1998 as the more arrogant Blue Blazer, but his final run as a masked wrestler is mostly remembered for the tragic ending.
8. Ultimo Dragon
Ultimo Dragon’s title history consists of numerous cruiserweight and light heavyweight titles, and he’s credited with creating several moves. His WCW career was during the height of the cruiserweight division's popularity, and he had a few memorable rivalries after joining the WWE in 2003, but he had lost a step by that point.