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The Biggest Highlights Of Hulk Hogan And The Undertaker's WWE Feud
In a dark match on July 29, 1991, the terrifying heel Undertaker faced the top babyface Hulk Hogan, where The Hulkster only narrowly scored a win to keep his WWF Championship. After taking a massive amount of offense from the monstrous ‘Taker, Hogan rolled up his opponent for a three count, but their rivalry was just starting.
The First Singles Match
At Survivor Series 1991, Hogan faced the Deadman to defend his WWF Championship on a night where the audience seemed largely in support of ‘Taker from the start. Thanks to Ric Flair sliding in a steel chair inside the ring, ‘Taker hit Hogan with the Tombstone piledriver on the weapon and claimed the WWF Championship gold.
The Gravest Challenge
Although Undertaker ensured Hogan didn’t suffer an injury during the piledriver on the steel chair at Survivor Series 1991, Hulkster threw a tantrum over his alleged injury. After everyone confirmed that Hogan’s head hadn’t hit the chair, he claimed that ‘Taker’s tight grip hurt him, and the Deadman knew that the title rematch wouldn’t be in his favor.
Real-Life Animosity
The “This Tuesday in Texas” PPV featured the rematch between Hogan and Undertaker, with the 13-minute match ending with Hogan reclaiming the title and ending ‘Taker’s reign after a meager six days. It’s not exactly clear whether it was always the plan or the supposed injury of Hogan interfered with ‘Taker’s title reign.
Hogan Regains the Gold
At Royal Rumble 1992, 30 men competed for the vacated WWF Championship and Undertaker came close to regaining his title, but he came face-to-face with Hogan and was ultimately eliminated. Hogan’s efforts were in vain, however, as Ric
Flair left the arena as the new
WWF Champion that night.
Ruining The Title Shot