Professional Wrestling: WWE SummerSlam: Finn Balor making entrance before match vs Bray Wyatt at Barclays Center. 
Brooklyn, NY 8/20/2017
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The Coolest AEW Debuts We've Seen So Far
Jon Moxley
At Double or Nothing in 2019, John Moxley made his way through the Las Vegas crowd while Chris Jericho was cutting a post-match promo. Audible gasps grew into a frenzy of cheers as Mox made his way to the ring without any sort of entrance music, spinning around and tilting his head as he locked eyes with Jericho.
Eddie Kingston
Eddie Kingston surprised AEW fans when he debuted in response to Cody Rhodes' open challenge for the TNT Championship. Entering the ring without any music, he let his words lead the way as he referred to Arn Anderson as a "used-to-be legend" and said that Rhodes couldn't last a day in his shoes.
CM Punk
After a seven-year hiatus, CM Punk made his return at "AEW Rampage: The First Dance." The show opened with Living Color's "Cult of Personality" blasting and the fans were hysterical as Punk fell to his knees in the entranceway before he made his way down the ramp and took a stage dive into the crowd.
Adam Cole
As Kenny Omega signed off at AEW's All Out PPV in 2021, the lights suddenly went down and the lyrics "You know it's all about the Boom" began to blast through the arena as "Bay Bay" was displayed across screens. With new music and logos, Cole surprised the crowd, though little did fans know this was just the beginning.
Bryan Danielson
In a rare double debut, "The American Dragon" Bryan Danielson surprised the crowd immediately after Cole. "Flight of the Valkyries" started to play, blowing the roof off the building — as Danielson made his way to the ring in a plain white T-shirt, fans started up the infamous "Yes!" chants.