DUBLIN, IRELAND - APRIL 18:  (No Irish Tabloids)  Bret "The Hitman" Hart signs copies of his book 'Hitman' in Easons, O'Connell Street on April 18, 2009 in Dublin, Ireland  (Photo by Phillip Massey/FilmMagic)
The Details Behind Bret Hart's Final WCW Match
During his WCW career, Bret "The Hitman" Hart won the WCW title and the US title twice, but he suffered a series of concussions that led to a premature end to his career. Among the major injuries he suffered, the most notable ones were in a match with Goldberg at Starrcade in 1999.
After the Goldberg match, Hart was dealing with post-concussion syndrome resulting from his head injuries, and in his book, he noted the circumstances during his last match. According to Hart, WCW's head writer Vince Russo told him that he'd have to defend his WCW title against Kevin Nash at a time when Hart was in tremendous pain and discomfort.
Hart notes, "With my head thick and thumping and that stabbing pain in my neck, I taped my ankles, wrapped my broken-down knees, and smeared my lower back with gobs of Icy Hot." He never wrestled for WCW after that night, leaving the company for good in October 2000.