Eddie Guerrero (Photo by John Shearer/WireImage for BWR Public Relations)
The First Ladder Match In WCW History Was A Big Win For Eddie Guerrero
One of the first star-making matches for the late great Eddie Guerrero was also the first ladder match ever held in WCW. The match featured rising star Guerrero against Syxx (Sean Waltman) for the company's United States Championship, held by Guerrero at the time, and this match helped build his legacy.
The US title has a rich history of its own that originated in NWA before moving over to WCW and eventually WWE, where it's still fought for today. The bout between Guerrero and Syxx ended in a controversial manner, with both men pulling down the title at the same time, and the two fought over the title at the top of the ladder.
The future "Latino Heat" Guerrero struck Syxx with the belt, who fell from the top, giving Guerrero the victory — a win that helped elevate him within WCW and paved the way for his eventual superstardom. Given his penchant for high-octane in-ring action, Guerrero's successful defense of the prestigious US title in WCW's first ladder match is fitting.