SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - NOVEMBER 17: Wrestler Ric Flair arrives at Sydney Airport ahead of the 'Hulkmania' tour on November 17, 2009 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Peter Carrette Archive/Getty Images)
The Last Ever WCW Match Was A Battle Between Two Wrestling Icons
March 26, 2001, is one of the most important days in wrestling history, as it saw the final episode of WCW's flagship show, "WCW Monday Nitro," as a simulcast with WWE's "Monday Night Raw." WCW was going out of business, and Vince McMahon was poised to purchase it, so the future of professional wrestling was about to drastically change.
Adding to the McMahon takeover angle, WCW opted to put all of their championships on the line to add to the finality. However, the main event, which had no title on the line, was between two men who had become synonymous with WCW – Ric Flair and Sting, two superstars with a storied history between them.
Their contest would mark the end of WCW, serving as the last match of the final "WCW Monday Nitro" ever. Following a sentimental evening, Sting defeated Flair with his signature Scorpion Deathlock in an emotional bout for all, and afterward, the two men embraced in the ring, closing the book on their timeless feud and the legacy of WCW.