CM Punk in a black hoodie
The Most Controversial CM Punk Moments In Wrestling
CM Punk and Teddy Hart developed some major heat with each other during their time in Ring of Honor, which ended in a physical altercation in a parking lot.
Teddy Hart
According to Hart, Punk took issue with Hart’s off-script actions during a match and decided to become vocal about it in the locker room, though there are different versions of the story.
Debuting on WWE’s ECW brand in 2006, CM Punk began with a message of being anti-alcohol and drug-free, which would later be pushed in his feud with Jeff Hardy.
Straight Edge Savior
However, he became more aggressive with his straight-edge lifestyle in his promos and even touched on some of Hardy’s documented personal struggles.
CM Punk was an established star in the WWE by 2011, but he had nowhere near the fame of other superstars. That changed when he cost John Cena a match against R-Truth.
The Pipebomb
After the match, he called out the McMahons for being out of touch with the business and questioned the decisions to promote certain talents in what is known as his Pipebomb promo.
After the Pipebomb promo, WWE and CM Punk played a will-he-or-won’t-he game with the audience, teasing the possibility that he could win the WWE Championship before leaving.
Leaving WWE
Punk’s contract expired two days before the match, but he had agreed to an extension. The final deal was signed during the show, and only then was the finish for the match decided.
During his stint in WWE, CM Punk believed that part-time talent shouldn’t be the focus of WrestleMania and worked that angle with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.
Part-Time Problems
However, there was an element of truth to this storyline. Punk said he was bothered by The Rock’s return as it prevented a new generation of superstars from taking center stage.