TOKYO, JAPAN - MAY 06: Jun Kasai bleeds during the Pro-Wrestling Just Tap Out at Korakuen Hall on May 06, 2022 in Tokyo, Japan. (Photo by Etsuo Hara/Getty Images)
Eddie Guerrero vs JBL
In the 2004 Judgment Day match for the WWE championship, Eddie Guerrero did a routine blade job on his forehead after JBL decked him with a steel chair. However, the cut was too deep, and Eddie’s whole face would be covered in blood — and to this day, it’s remembered as one of the bloodiest events in a WWE PPV.
Undertaker vs Mankind
In 1998’s Hell in a Cell match against Mick Foley’s Mankind, the Undertaker threw Foley off the cell in a pre-planned spot, but things went awry during the second time. In an unplanned spot, the Undertaker choke-slammed Foley through the cage and left Foley immobile for several seconds.
Atsushi Onita vs Terry Funk
The 1994 FMW saw Terry Funk and Atsushi Onita square off in a No Rope Exploding Barbed Wire Time Bomb Deathmatch, where they had to secure the victory before the bomb's clock hit zero. The bout’s conclusion is one of the finest moments in wrestling: Onita throwing himself on Funk's prone body to save him from the blast.
One Night stand 2006
At ECW One Night Stand 2006, Lita joined Foley and Edge, and Beullah McGillicutty teamed up with Terry Funk and Tommy Dreamer. From barbed wires to flaming two-by-fours, nothing was off limits in this bloody battle of carnage and anarchy.
Mass Transit vs The Gangstas
In ECW’s Barely Legal 1997, a wrestler named Eric Kulas, aka Mass Transit, passed out in the ring after lying about his age to enter the match. The 17-year-old's wish to bleed during the match was heeded by New Jack, who cut open Eric’s head with a modded scalpel that made Kulas bleed profusely before losing consciousness.