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The Most Embarrassing Moments In Live Wrestling Matches
During an Over The Top Rope Challenge between the Great Khali and Edge on "Raw" in 2010, Edge slid out of the ring under the bottom rope, which is perfectly legal. In pursuit of Edge, The Great Khali stepped over the top rope to the outside, but as this was an Over The Top Rope Challenge, The Great Khali had just embarrassingly eliminated himself.
The Great Khali
On the "Art of Wrestling" podcast, CM Punk told how he pooped his pants on "SmackDown." In a match with Dean Ambrose, Punk blamed WWE's medical team for his incident and said, "They z-packed me to death, so much that in December I s*** my pants on a 'SmackDown.' Because that's what antibiotics do to you."
CM Punk Poops Himself
The infamous Heroes of Wrestling was terrible for many reasons, but the biggest downfall of the event was Jake "The Snake" Roberts being noticeably drunk. Roberts' main event match was changed to a tag match to include Yokozuna and King Kong Bundy to hide Roberts, but he was clearly inebriated and embarrassed himself throughout the match.
Jake Roberts Drunk
When Jeff Hardy made his way out to the ring for his match with Sting at Victory Road 2011, it quickly became obvious that he was under the influence of something. He wandered out to the ring and took an age to get into position, prompting Eric Bischoff to brief Sting off-mic on the situation, and Sting took charge of the match, pinning Hardy within minutes.
Jeff Hardy High
The 2005 Royal Rumble ended with John Cena and Batista botching the finish and hitting the ground simultaneously. A furious Vince McMahon then stormed down to the ring to figure it out, but he hit the ring vigorously, somehow managing to tear both his quads at the same time.
Vince McMahon's Quads