Eddie Guerrero (Photo by John Shearer/WireImage for BWR Public Relations)
The Most Extreme Injuries Ever Seen In Wrestling
Mass Transit Incident
In 1996, New Jack used a surgical scalpel to slice open 17-year-old Erich Kulas’ forehead but nicked two arteries, resulting in immediate hospitalization for treatment and blood loss. Kulas died at 22 due to gastric bypass surgery complications, but Jack has always defended his actions, tweeting, “I don’t feel bad at all” one day before his own death.
Sycho Sid’s Leg
In 2000, Sycho Sid attempted a flying boot from the second rope but upon landing, he broke his tibia and fibula, leaving him helpless in the ring while his leg dangled. Eric Bischoff revisited the moment on his “83 Weeks” podcast, saying, “It wasn't scary, just grotesque.”
Eddie Guerrero's Forehead
On Judgement Day 2004, a botched blade job nicked Eddie Guerrero’s artery and blood gushed profusely from Guerrero’s forehead. JBL remembered the toll Guerrero took from the blood loss, writing on his Layfield Report, “Eddie was out of it ... He wasn't right for a couple of weeks.”
Mick Foley’s Severed Ear
When Mick Foley flung himself into the ropes during his 1994 Europe tour, he felt pain, unlike anything he had ever experienced. His right ear was badly split, which was then accidentally ripped off by Vader, and the referee picked up Foley’s ear before he was taken to the hospital.
Goldberg’s Arm
When Goldberg chased down a white nWo limousine and destroyed the windshield with his bare fists, the glass slashed his arm, cutting through an artery and causing severe bleeding. Blood splattered all over the white vehicle, and he has admitted in 2015 that he “came within a centimeter of losing use of [his] right arm.”