Jinder Mahal doing the Khallas on an opponent in the ring
The Most Underwhelming WWE Finishers Of All Time
The Rock's finisher, The People's Elbow, was disappointingly slow and lacked impact. It'd start with The Rock removing his elbow pad and bouncing off the ropes.
The People’s Elbow
Rock would then halt all of his momentum to stop, pause, and drop an elbow that connected with his opponent’s chest after they had already been lying prone for at least 30 seconds.
Hulk Hogan’s disappointing Atomic Leg Drop had him run at a snail’s pace into the ropes, then jump a little off the ground to land with one of his legs on his opponent’s chest.
Atomic Leg Drop
Hogan told “The MMA Hour,” “You’ve got the largest arms in the world, why are you dropping the leg every night for years and destroying your back? That’s the only regret I have.”
Bayley’s Rose Plant is one of the most bland and awkward looking finishing moves. It starts with her wrapping her opponent’s arm around her leg while they kneel on the mat.
Rose Plant
Bayley then slams her opponent’s head to the ground from close to the canvas. When she first debuted it, there was confusion among fans and criticism of the underwhelming move.
The Big Show, who had more size and strength than every one of his opponents, bizarrely decided that simply punching them would be good enough to finish a match.
WMD Punch
The blow was dubbed the WMD, which stood for “Weapon of Mass Destruction,” but it rarely looked impressive in the slightest despite The Big Show’s imposing stature.
Umaga and Solo Sikoa using the Samoan Spike as their finishing moves wasn’t the most impressive way to end any given match, even if the company pushed it as a deadly strike.
Samoan Spike
Considering the premise of the move is a big guy throwing his thumb, not even a full fist, into the throat of his opponent, it’s hard to believe it could score a three-count.