The Fiend on a chair touching his horror mask
The Scary Moments That Turned Bray Wyatt Into WWE's Nightmare King
After teasing "The Fiend" through a series of vignettes on WWE programming, Wyatt finally appeared as The Fiend, donning his horror mask in its full glory.
The Fiend Debuts
During his SummerSlam 2019 debut, the lighting in the arena and the lights playing across his mask truly made the entire incident a truly chilling spectacle.
During his SummerSlam debut, the Fiend replaced the usual lantern he carried with something that resembled Wyatt's own severed head.
The Lantern
The gruesome accessory had Wyatt's trademark locks with its eyes sewn shut, and it seemed to symbolize the death of his previous character.
After winning the Universal Championship in 2019, the Fiend customized the belt to feature an image of his face on the front, mouth agape, eyes glowing and all.
The Fiend Title Belt
The belt almost looked as though the "leather" was "the Fiend's" face being pulled away. The words "hurt" and "heal" adorned the sides of the title.
In 2019, Wyatt took his feud with The Miz a step further by invading his home, bringing all of his scary puppet friends to play with the Miz and Maryse's daughters.
Home Invasion
In a particularly nightmarish segment, the puppets are seen in one of the girls' cribs via a baby monitor before Miz and Maryse run into the room.
Prior to the Fiend's debut, Wyatt built up the character on WWE's YouTube channel's "Superstar Ghost Stories" series, where he recounted a story of "the man in the woods."
Home Invasion
The story speaks of a tall being on two feet, with long, yellow hair and yellow eyes like a cat reaching out to him in the woods, which chillingly matches the Fiend's description.