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The Spookiest Wrestlers In Impact Wrestling History
Chris Park introduced the character of The Monster Abyss to Impact Wrestling in 2003, complete with a masked appearance and a devastating finisher called the Black Hole Slam. From slamming people into piles of thumbtacks to spilling blood, Park truly owned the character and won several notable titles in the company.
Black Reign
During his second stint in Impact Wrestling, Dustin Rhodes introduced Black Reign in 2007. Black Reign was nothing short of a disaster, complete with gaudy silver face paint and a hideous silver jumpsuit, and after being reduced to jobber status, Rhodes and his Black Reign character were released from the company.
After arriving on Impact, ECW alumni Raven quickly resumed the level of violence he was known for in the previous company. Raven's biggest contribution to Impact was his own self-titled stipulation known as the "Clockwork Orange" House of Fun match, and he also competed in the first-ever Monster's Ball match.
At Impact, former WWE and WCW talent Johnny Bull was repackaged as Black Reign's sinister-looking sidekick Rellik. He donned a Slipknot-esque mask and bizarre trunks with a very impressive physique, but his in-ring prowess left a lot to be desired, not helped by the ridiculous presentation of the gimmick.
With a demented stare and macabre face paint, Holly Letkeman captured the stage as Rosemary, terrifying the crowd with sickeningly sinister overtones in her promos. One of her most disturbing moments was a break-in at Matt Hardy's home in an attempt to kidnap his infant child "King" Maxel.