ATLANTIC CITY, NJ - APRIL 22:  Wrestler André René Roussimoff best known as Andre The Giant in the ring at Wrestlemania V at Convention Hall in Atlantic City, New Jersey April 22 1989. (Photo by Jeffrey Asher/ Getty Images)
The Tragic Life Of Andre The Giant
His Huge Size
Even as a child, André René Roussimoff was a sizable fellow, but his growth spurt kicked in during his teens, and he hit 6’6 before turning 16. He suffered from a medical condition called gigantism, which happened because of an overactive pituitary gland that secreted too much growth hormone.
His Clothes Didn’t Fit
Given his massive size, Andre had a hard time finding clothes that fit him, and he’s said to have worn a size 26 shoe, and most of his clothing was likely custom-made. He had trouble using a pencil or dialing a phone, and his North Carolina ranch was customized with high ceilings and extra-large furniture to fit him.
His Drinking Prowess
Outside the ring, Andre achieved near-legendary status for his immense capacity for booze. Weighing around a quarter ton, he needed almost a dozen beers to put him above the legal limit for operating a motor vehicle, and as Hulk Hogan once shared, the Giant once finished 108 beers in 45 minutes.
His Non-Marriage Failed
Andre and Jean Christensen were said to be together for a short while, although it’s unclear whether they ever married, and the two had one daughter together, which surprised them both. Andre initially denied acknowledging the child, but after being compelled to take a blood test, he paid Jean $750/ month, which was later raised to $1,000.
Andre and His Daughter
Andre wasn’t very close with his daughter Robin, and as Jean Christensen noted, he had met his child only four times by the time Robin was 12. Although Robin has had mixed feelings for her father, Andre provided generously for her in his will — even in 2022, she receives a cut of the proceeds from sales of his merch.