The Untold Truth of Eddie Kingston
Tough Guy from Yonkers
Born to an Irish dad and Puerto Rican mom in the Bronx, New York, Eddie Kingston’s family moved out to Yonkers later. Eddie’s mixed ethnicity taught him about racism quickly, leading him down a violent path, and the sadness and anger he felt as a youth was only released when he was fighting.
A Mama’s Boy
Eddie has always loved and respected his mother and trusts her advice, especially when she told him to sign with AEW instead of taking a job at WWE. He frequently mentions her in his promos and interviews, and when he talks about winning a championship, he’s doing it for her.
Pro-Wrestling Tapes
The pro-wrestling VHS tapes that Eddie’s mom got him helped him channel his anger toward something entertaining. Through tape trading, he found the legendary match between Mitsuharu Misawa and Toshiaki Kawa of AJPW in June 1994, which remains one of his favorites to this day.
Chikara Pro Wrestling
After being kicked out of Kevin Knight’s wrestling school, Eddie and his friend BlackJack Marciano went to Chikara Wrestling Factory, owned and run by Mike Quackenbush. Eddie trained in the promotion and made his in-ring debut at Chikara Pro Wrestling on October 12, 2002, with Marciano as part of the tag-team Wild Cats.
IWA Mid-South
The Wild Cards debuted for Independent Wrestling Association Mid-South in 2003, but the tag-team broke when Black had an injury and had to retire. Kingston became IWA Mid-South Heavyweight Champion on December 7, 2007, but his reign was short-lived, as he was stripped of his championship for a no-show.