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Times Wrestlers Got In Trouble For Breaking Kayfabe
In 1987, when “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan and The Iron Sheik were feuding, the two were pulled over in New Jersey and arrested for possession of cannabis and cocaine. Vince McMahon would later fire the two for the drug charges and for being seen together at a time when they were supposed to be enemies.
Iron Sheik and Hacksaw
Koji Kitao was a grand champion sumo wrestler who became a part of SWS after being pushed out of multiple organizations due to abusive behavior. He went on to lose a match to WWF’s John Tenta, and in a fit of fury, he commandeered the house mic and ranted about pro wrestling being fake — a move that would get him swiftly fired.
Koji Kitao
Mid-South Wrestling promoter Bill Watts had a strict rule that his wrestlers would be fired if they ever lost a fight in public. When Watts heard Bobby Orton Jr lost a bar fight, he said, “I looked at his knuckles, and there wasn’t any bruises on ‘em, I didn’t think he’d thrown enough punches, and fired him,” and it’s unclear whether Paul Orndorff also fell victim to this rule.
Bar Fights
In 1996, the Kliq — Razor Ramon, Diesel, Triple H, and Shawn Michaels — faced each other in a send off event for Ramon and Diesel. They celebrated together in the end, flashing what would become known as the Wolfpac/“Too Sweet” hand gesture, but only Triple H lost the King of the Ring title since Michaels was champion and the other two were leaving.
Triple H
Although Serena Deeb has since spoken publicly about her alcoholism, her persona as a part of CM Punk’s Straight Edge Society in January 2010 was a recovering addict. She was later caught drinking in front of fans and on camera and was fired on August 20 of that same year for not “living the gimmick,” per Wrestling Observer.
Serena Deeb