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Times WWE Got Into The Christmas Spirit
In the early ‘90s, Johnathan Rechner had donned a Santa Claus costume and was handing out presents alongside Savio Vega, when Ted DiBiase influenced him to switch to the evil side. Then, Rechner attacked Vega and became a gift-snatching, evil inverse of Saint Nick known as Xanta Klaus in this short-lived gimmick.
Xanta Klaus
On December 23, 2013, a special attraction matchup was “The Battle for Christmas” between Good Santa (Mark Henry) and Bad Santa (Damien Sandow). The “Battle” to save Christmas saw the two Santas use things like candy cane kendo sticks, various presents at ringside, and the Christmas fire extinguisher, with Henry winning and saving Christmas.
Good Santa vs. Bad Santa
When the entire roster, including names like Randy Orton, Sheamus, and Vickie Guerrero, got up on the stage to sing Christmas carols led by John Cena, the result was a horrendous mix of cacophonic and off-pitch noises that was far from music. Thankfully, WWE learnt their lesson after this disaster and never attempted it again.
Cringey Superstar Caroling
The Christmas Eve edition of 2012 “Raw” began with Santa Claus handing out gifts when he was run over by Alberto Del Rio’s car, “injuring” him in the process. This resulted in John Cena facing Del Rio in a “Miracle on 34 Street Fight,” when Santa aka Mick Foley returned and lent a hand to Cena to take out Ricardo Rodriguez.
Santa Foley Hit By A Car
On the Christmas Day episode of “Prime Time Wrestling,” Roddy Piper was talking to Bobby Heenan, the latter dressed as Santa, when Heenan started hating on Santa and that he was fake. Piper took offense to this and took out Heenan before announcing that as long as he was around, there'd always be a Santa Claus.
Piper Believes in Santa