(GERMANY OUT)   WWE Live Hamburg 2015  15. 04. 2015 in der O2 World Hamburg
Auf dem Roten Teppich :
Colby Lopez (* 28. Mai 1986 in Buffalo, Iowa), besser bekannt unter seinem aktuellen Ringnamen Seth Rollins, ist ein US-amerikanischer Wrestler. Er steht derzeit bei der WWE unter Vertrag und tritt in deren Shows auf. Er ist der aktuelle WWE World Heavyweight Champion   (Photo by Peter Timm\ullstein bild via Getty Images)
Triple H And McMahon Once Fought About Whether They Should Punish Reigns And Rollins
In May of 2013, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins were able to capture the WWE Tag Team Championship at Extreme Rule 2013, but they began to move down the card for reasons unclear to fans. Behind the scenes, the duo had garnered a bit of heat after bumping heads with industry veterans such as Big Show and Randy Orton.
Falling down the card definitely hurt The Shield's momentum, but things were originally set to be much worse. Vince McMahon had the group falling into obscurity without a second glance, but Triple H discussed the matter with his father-in-law and recognized their investment in keeping The Shield as an important part of WWE.
At Money in the Bank 2013, Rollins and Reigns were relegated to the pre-show in a match against The Usos. The impressive efforts put forth by all four men, despite being on the pre-show, erased whatever heat was still directed at the group and refocused management on their collective futures.