Triple H sitting down
Triple H's Most Surprising Losses
Just after Warrior’s trademark entrance into WrestleMania XII, Triple H shockingly hit a Pedigree on Warrior before the bell even rang, but the finisher was completely no-sold.
Vs. The Ultimate Warrior
Warrior then delivered one punch, three straight clotheslines, a shoulder tackle, the gorilla press, the splash, and we got a 1-2-3. The match was 1:39 from bell to bell.
The big tell in the 1996 Raw Triple H versus The Snake match was when H’s entrance wasn’t shown in favor of a video of Clarence Mason claiming he was assaulted by Gorilla Monsoon.
Vs. Jake The Snake
Mysteriously, during a commercial break, Triple H took control of the match with little pushback before Roberts hit him with a DDT out of nowhere for the pin.
With the cards stacked against The Rock, it was clear that it would take all sorts of hoopla for Triple H not to beat him, and all sorts of hoopla is what we got at Backlash 2000.
Vs. The Rock
After Vince McMahon hit The Rock with a chair, Steve Austin made his way to the ring with chair shots for all, including Triple H. The Rock eventually pinned him in an oddly slow 1-2-3.
After Triple H captured the Undisputed WWF Championship from Chris Jericho, Hogan and The Rock’s electric bout set the wheels in motion for Hogan against Triple H at Backlash 2002.
Vs. Hulk Hogan
A 48-year-old Hogan shockingly won his sixth championship with the company against Triple H after his return looked as close to an impossibility as there is in wrestling.
At Unforgiven 2003, Triple H snuck in a sledgehammer shot against Goldberg after a ref bump, but it was largely no-sold by Goldberg who hit a spear to turn the tide right after.
Vs. Goldberg
After following up his spear with a jackhammer, Goldberg won and grabbed WWE gold for the first time in his career. Triple H had to settle for a rematch at Survivor Series.