Stone Cold Steve Austin (Photo by J. Shearer/WireImage for BWR Public Relations)
Unforgettable Moments From The Rock And 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin's Rivalry
IntercontineNtal TITLE Feud
This all-time classic rivalry began in the mid-card feud for the Intercontinental Championship when The Rock attacked the IC Champion Steve Austin, stealing the title. However, Austin then defeated The Rock and won back the title he never lost in a 5-minute squash match, throwing the title in the New Hampshire River to focus on his WWE title aspirations.
The Beer Bath
With The Rock as the corporate champ set to defend his title against Austin at the WrestleMania XV main event, The Texas Rattlesnake arrived at "Raw" in a big rig filled with Coors beer. Austin then pulled out a hose and soaked Vince and Shane McMahon and The Rock in a beer bath, in one of the greatest "Raw" segments ever.
WrestleMania XV
At WM XV, Austin and The Rock tore the house down in an epic Attitude Era-style brawl that ended with Austin defeating The Rock with a Stone Cold Stunner. Austin then hit his finisher on his arch-enemy Vince McMahon, before celebrating with the fired-up Philadelphia crowd with a beer in his hand.
Backlash 1999
After The Rock threw Austin's customized smoking skull WWF Champion belt into the river, the two met at Backlash for a rematch. The bout ended the same way as before with Austin stunning The Rock and retaining his title, marking the last time the two legends would face off for two years.
Austin Comes to THE Rescue
At Backlash 1999, The Rock was overwhelmed by the Corporation as the WWF Champion Triple H at the helm. Steve Austin came to The Rock's rescue with a steel chair, laying waste to the McMahons and helping The Great One reclaim the WWF Championship back for the first time in more than a year.