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Why These Dream Matches Would Have Lived Up To
The Hype
Bret Hart vs. Jericho
Although both Bret Hart and Chris Jericho trained in Hart’s father Stu’s “Dungeon,” Bret and Jericho have never faced each other, despite being in WCW between ‘97 and ‘99. If the two ever wrestled, it’d be a fast-paced, low-key technical classic that would end with Hart locking in The Sharpshooter on Jericho, and would easily earn four stars.
LOD vs. Demolition
Hawk and Animal of the Legion of Doom would’ve found their ideal opponents in Demolition’s Ax and Smash, but we never witnessed this epic “passing the torch” classic. If the two teams clashed in a traditional tag match, we imagine it’d be a hard-hitting, head-butting brawl that would’ve impressed every wrestling fan.
The Rock vs. HBK
The ideal scenario for The Rock clashing with Shawn Michaels would have to be the Born-Again babyface Michaels of 2003 squaring off against the Hollywood heel Rock, only to be flattened by a Rock Bottom in the end. However, this match never happened because “they didn’t like each other,” according to Bruce Prichard.
Hogan vs. Koloff
The clash between the All-American Hulk Hogan and the sadistic Soviet psychopath Nikita Koloff would’ve been “Rocky IV” come to life if the two ever fought. However, this inevitable feud never happened because WWE never pursued Koloff for the match, which is shocking because Hogan vs Koloff would’ve sold out any arena in the ‘80s.
The Undertaker vs. McIntyre
It’s a shame Undertaker never wrestled Drew McIntyre when the latter was on fire, because a clash between ‘Taker and the Scotsman would’ve been an instant classic. McIntyre would’ve fought valiantly before losing to the veteran, or the Deadman would put McIntyre over to the next level, but we didn’t get to see this as ‘Taker retired at WrestleMania 36.