Andre the Giant poses for the camera in Montreal, Canada on 25 Aug 1980. (Photo by The Stanley Weston Archive / Getty Images)
Wrestlers We Would Have Loved To See Andre The Giant Match Up Against
One of the most natural dream matches would be Paul Wight, WCW’s “The Giant” facing off against the legendary Andre. Both men were surprisingly agile for their size in the earlier years of their careers and the match would also bear exciting instances of tall-on-tall violence in wrestling history.
Paul Wight
The “Swiss Superman” Claudio Castagnoli could easily zip around Andre, bounce off the Giant, and land the flying European uppercut on his French neighbor. Most of all, it’d be great to see if Castagnoli could put Andre in Giant Swing and although nobody expects a 50-count with a man that size, only Claudio can try that out.
Claudio Castagnoli
Pitting one of the legends of the ‘80s with the biggest superstar of the ‘90s, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, the promos itself would be amazing as Austin has never had an opponent like Andre. With Andre, Austin would experience a fun, new dynamic and if there’s anyone to celebrate a post-match beer with, it’s Andre.
Steve Austin
A Straight Edge superstar like CM Punk would have a tremendous storyline with Andre, who was known to put away an immense amount of alcohol. There'd probably be no Go 2 Sleeps in the match, but Punk’s promo work would be interesting to witness against someone whose second language was English.
CM Punk
Bryan Danielson is known for his capacity to have a great match with anyone, even if it was Andre from later years, with pain all over his body. Andre's huge mass would be able to absorb Bryan's blistering arsenal of kicks and even though Danielson vs Andre would’ve never happened in the size-obsessed ‘80s, it’s a match we’d love to watch.
Bryan Danielson