MUNICH, GERMANY - NOVEMBER 03:  Cesaro attends Tim Wiese's first WWE fight at Olympiahalle on November 3, 2016 in Munich, Germany.  (Photo by Dominik Bindl/Getty Images)
Wrestlers Who Are Active On Twitch
Adam Cole
Known as WWE's most prominent Twitch streamer before he left for AEW, Adam Cole's Twitch channel, "TheCHUGS," made an estimated $318,080 from his streams between September 2019 to September 2021. Cole is known for playing games like "Elden Ring," and the "Halo" series.
Andrew Everett
Although not a big name in mainstream wrestling or Twitch circles, Andrew Everett is an active member of the Twitch community, and his account, "AndyEplays," has 4,100 followers. He loves the "Fine Pro Wrestling" series, but also frequently streams "WWE 2k22" in a variety of game modes.
Brian Pillman Jr.
On his time off from AEW, Brian Pillman Jr. streams some of his favorite games to his 3,200 followers on his Twitch channel. As a fan of MMO games, he says in his Twitch bio that they "take up too much of [his] damn time," and recently, he's playing games like "Multiversus" and "Team Fight Tactics."
Claudio Castagnoli
AEW's Claudio Castagnoli opened his channel, "ClaudiosCafe," in February 2019. Upon quitting WWE in 2022, Castagnoli resumed streaming and currently has 47,000 followers on his channel, and he is an avid gamer, playing games like "Fall Guys," "Among Us," and his favorite, "League of Legends."
Colt Cabana
Popular for showing his colleagues they can make a living as wrestlers outside WWE, Colt Cabana is a frequent streamer on his Twitch channel, "ColtCabana," and is one of the top names in wrestling on the platform with nearly 27,000 followers. He mostly plays party games like "Fall Guys," "Among Us," and "Jackbox Party Packs."