MIAMI, FL - FEBRUARY 01:  Paul Michael Levesque aka Triple H attends Gronk Beachat North Beach Bandshell on February 1, 2020 in Miami, Florida.  (Photo by Jason Koerner/Getty Images)
Wrestlers Who Can't Stand Triple H
CM Punk
The heat between Punk and Triple H is well known, and Punk has been critical of HHH on several occasions. While meeting Triple H and Vince McMahon before he left WWE forever, Punk told them, "you have creatively stifled me, you have made this a very toxic environment, I no longer want to be here."
Mr. Kennedy
When Mr. Kennedy finally won his first World Championship, he used the opportunity to mock WWE and more specifically Triple H. He did an impression of Triple H trying to turn Vince McMahon against him, saying, "I think Kenny might be a little too funny. I don't think he's ready for it."
Ken Shamrock
Shamrock has said that he doesn't think he will be able to return to WWE because of Triple H. Bret Hart claimed in an interview that HHH stabbed Shamrock in the back a lot during Shamrock's time in WWE, saying, "I think Triple H didn't like him, mostly because he was connected to me."
Alberto Del Rio
After leaving WWE in 2016, Del Rio was very critical of Triple H, and said in a Periscope stream, "Everybody knows the way I feel about those p****** from WWE [...] especially, the one with the big nose." He even threatened to go to Stamford and attack the "big nose with the small d***."
Scott Steiner
Steiner has been critical of Triple H ever since he left WWE in 2004, especially due to their botched feud in 2003. Believing that he was instrumental in burying everyone who came from WCW, Steiner has said that Triple H took advantage of everything because he was married to Vince’s daughter.