Lex Luger standing victorious in the ring
Wrestlers Who Changed Drastically After Stopping Steroids
Hulk Hogan admitted to taking steroids during the 1994 steroid trial. It's not clear when he stopped taking steroids but his appearance started changing after the trial.
Hulk Hogan
Hogan's last televised match took place at TNA Bound for Glory 2011, where he appeared in shape, but he didn't have the superhero-like physique he once boasted.
During the 1994 steroid trial, Vince McMahon admitted to using steroids. Following this, he declared WWE drug-free and presumably stopped taking the drugs himself.
Vince McMahon
He stayed in shape for a long time afterward. While it may be age rather than quitting steroids, the McMahon of today is a far cry from the man who once used steroids.
Lex Luger has always admitted to using steroids and has even claimed to have cheated on drug tests, but he switched to an anti-aging supplement toward his career's end.
Lex Luger
The supplement helped him look leaner, and he is almost unrecognizable now. His wrestling career ended in 2007 due to a nerve injury, but he is now able to walk using a cane.
In 2006, Kurt Angle tested positive for steroids, which led to his release from WWE. The superstar not only lost his reputation but also paid $125,000 in fines.
Kurt Angle
In 2009, he claimed he had stopped taking the drugs. During his final match at Wrestlemania 39, the then-50-year-old looked leaner and noticeably different from his injury days.
Wrestling legend Sting admitted to using steroids when he was much younger, but he stopped using them early on in his career in 1990.
He also shared that people using steroids developed issues with their joints and were unsustainably bulky. Today, Sting is in shape, but unrecognizable from his early WCW days.