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Wrestlers Who Had Heat With Shawn Michaels
Although they had great chemistry in the ring, Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker weren't exactly bros behind the scenes during their rivalry in 1997, according to The Undertaker on "WWE Untold." The Undertaker said, "If Shawn Michaels back then was on fire, I probably wouldn't p*** on him to put him out," adding that they are on good terms now.
The Undertaker
"The Hurricane" Shane Helms kicked off his heat with Shawn Michaels in a 2011 Tweet that stated Ric Flair was a superior wrestler because he made bad in-ring performers look good, while Michaels was only interested in himself. In later tweets, Helms would accuse Michaels of hurting his career, but in 2019 Helms revealed that they now have an amicable relationship.
Shane Helms
Steiner laid into several performers whom he disliked — including Shawn Michaels. "Shawn Michaels is one of those wise-cracking guys who would say a smart comment to you, but then if you face him, he would run and cry somewhere," citing the incident where Michaels allegedly cried when threatened by the Harris Brothers.
Scott Steiner
Shawn Michaels once forfeited the Intercontinental Championship to Shane Douglas after suffering from a concussion from getting beat up at a bar by a marine. When the match changed to be against Razor Ramon, Douglas wasn't happy about the ending, claiming that Michaels and The Kliq had pushed for Ramon to win the title.
Shane Douglas
Even though The Rock and Shawn Michaels worked under the same promotion together multiple times, they never squared off against each other. The Rock disliked Michaels, and the two even got into a physical altercation backstage after Michaels hit The Rock with a stiff superkick during an in-ring segment.
The Rock