Actor/ Former WCW/WWE wrestler Bill Goldberg attends Wizard World's Philadelphia Comic Con 2011 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center on June 18, 2011 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Gilbert Carrasquillo/FilmMagic)
Wrestlers Who Had Major Heat With Goldberg
William Regal
Goldberg's match with Lord Steven Regal in 1998 earned Regal major heat as he was accused of taking liberties with an inexperienced Goldberg, and Regal was released from WCW just a week later. Regal stated that he was doing what the producer had told him to do, adding, "I feel as if I was thrown under the bus."
Triple H
In 2000, Goldberg once shouted obscenities at Triple H, threatening to beat him up for comments he had made in the past about Goldberg's inexperience and a string of injuries. Goldberg has confirmed there was real-life friction between the two men, and he believed that Triple H made his WWE career difficult during his first run.
Chris Jericho
On his first WWE "Raw" appearance, Goldberg "spent the entire match barking to Nash about how [Chris Jericho] didn't know to sell properly," and a fight broke out between Jericho and Goldberg backstage following another confrontation. The fight was broken up and the two men have been cordial ever since.
Matt Riddle
Matt Riddle took shots at Goldberg after his disastrous match with the Undertaker at Crown Jewel, and Goldberg retorted that he didn't appreciate "The cocky kid spouting off his mouth." Riddle apologized to him, saying, "'Bill, I'm sorry if I rubbed you the wrong way,'" and he maintains that the two are "doing way better."
Bret Hart
At Starrcade 1999, Goldberg hit Bret Hart with a stiff kick, which concussed him in an injury that ended his in-ring career. Hart admitted, "[Goldberg] was one of the most unprofessional wrestlers to ever work in the business [...] He was the most dangerous guy to work with. He hurt everybody that he worked with."