CM Punk frowning in the ring
Wrestlers Who Lost Real-Life Friendships
CM Punk and Colt Cabana broke into the business together and were close friends for many years. The duo even recorded an explosive podcast post Punk's exit from WWE.
Punk and Cabana
The podcast landed the duo in court against WWE, during which time their friendship broke down. Punk later detailed his issues with Cabana in an All Out post-show media scrum.
Edge and Matt Hardy's feud stemmed from a real-life romantic affair after the revelation that Lita, whom Hardy dated for six years, was having an affair with Edge.
Edge and Hardy
Following the events, WWE released Hardy for unprofessional conduct. However, both men have now moved on from the bitter situation and are working together in AEW.
Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels rose to fame in WWE as a tag team. While the two had a strong friendship, it went downhill when Michaels started getting a larger-scale push in WWE.
Hart and Michaels
His rise caused a rift in the duo's relationship, which led to an explosive match that saw Hart get "screwed" out of the WWE Championship. Fortunately, the duo reconciled in 2010.
Randy Orton and Mr. Kennedy rose through the ranks together and became close friends until 2009 when Orton landed awkwardly from a back-drop administered by Kennedy.
Kennedy and Orton
After Orton's complaints, Mr. Kennedy was released from WWE. Kennedy revealed in a later interview that they'd buried the hatchet and he took responsibility for his abrupt WWE exit.
CM Punk and Corey Graves were never together onscreen but were still tight backstage. However, after Punk's WWE exit in 2014, the duo did not remain in contact.
Punk and Graves
Graves felt that Punk abandoned him despite his best efforts to reach out. It even led him to have a public dig at Punk via social media after one of Punk’s UFC defeats.