ATLANTA, GEORGIA - FEBRUARY 09:  Cody Rhodes of All Elite Wrestling (AEW) attends New York Knicks vs Atlanta Hawks game at State Farm Arena on February 09, 2020 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Paras Griffin#SPORT/Getty Images)
Wrestlers Who Were Moments Away From Serious Injury
After feuding over social media, Ken Shamrock and Moose finally met between the ropes in the semi-main event spot of Bound for Glory 2019. During the match, Shamrock launched himself over the top rope out of the ring to take out Moose but found himself hurdling headfirst into the floor; luckily, Moose was able to catch him, preventing any serious injury.
Ken Shamrock
On the road to WrestleMania XXVI, Mysterio and Michaels duked it out in the main event of "SmackDown" on January 29, 2010. At one point, Rey Mysterio launched himself at Michaels from the top rope just as he was going for a Sweet Chin Music; thankfully, Michaels didn't fully extend his leg, saving Mysterio from massive damage to his head and neck.
Rey Mysterio
A big highlight of the November 15, 2001 edition of "SmackDown" was when Kurt Angle performed an Angle Slam on Big Show. As Big Show was lifted into the air, The Undertaker slid a chair away from the landing area, and Angle situated himself so that his opponent landed away from where he recalled the chair to be, saving him from a severe back injury.
Big Show
During the AEW's "Dynamite" episode from March 17, 2021, two teams of five rising stars took each other on in the ring. While the chaos of 10 battling wrestlers ensued, Marko Stunt was launched out of the ring with his head angled directly toward the ground, but fortunately, The Butcher was able to quickly catch and reposition him safely.
Marko Stunt
Cody Rhodes faced Fandango on the July 22, 2013, episode of "Raw," in a bout that could have ended Rhodes' career. While Fandango was dazed, Rhodes went in for a moonsault off the top rope but failed to fall backward, and before his head could fall straight into the canvas, Fandango jumped to his feet and caught him.
Cody Rhodes