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Wrestlers Who Will Never Work For The
WWE Again
Shane Douglas, one of the best heels in the ECW, made enemies with “The Kliq” — a group made up of Shawn Michaels and Triple H among others — during his WWE run, and it keeps him from ever returning. According to Douglas, Michaels had a personal issue with him, but Kliq member Kevin Nash says that Douglas’ issues with the group are one-sided.
Shane Douglas
Buff Bagwell, a WCW mainstay for more than a decade, figured heavily into WWF’s “Invasion Angle” plans, which led him to his WWF debut in a match against Booker T. The match bombed, Bagwell was released from his WWF contract just a week later, and he claims that he never knew why he was fired.
Buff Bagwell
Tessa Blanchard made a name for herself by winning multiple Impact Wrestling Championships, but she was fired by the company after being accused of making racist comments and bullying by several of her colleagues. She then had an opportunity to sign with WWE, but the company lacked interest due to reported attitude issues during a past WWE event.
Tessa Blanchard
Nailz, a prisoner-themed wrestler brought in specifically to feud with Big Boss Man, was cut from the WWF after putting his hands around the neck of Vince McMahon following an argument over finances on December 14, 1992. Later, Nailz put the final nail in the coffin of his WWF career when he testified against the company in the 1994 steroid trial.
Mr. Kennedy quickly rose to the upper-midcard of the WWE in the mid-’00s, but was fired from the company after dropping Randy Orton on his head during a Raw tag team match. Kennedy and Orton had feuded in the past, and in an August 2009 interview with Pro Wrestling Report, Kennedy alleged that Orton’s grievances with him led to his firing.
Mr. Kennedy