Brock Lesnar picks up an opponent for executing the F-5
Wrestling Finishers That Displayed Raw And Brutal Power
The Spear may seem like a simple move, but a wrestler using their entire momentum to drive their shoulder into an opponent’s gut is the true definition of brutality.
The Spear
The mighty Goldberg created the name for the takedown in WCW. Many other wrestlers used the mover, including Edge, who popularized the finisher in WWE.
Besides Brock Lesnar's freakish strength and quick delivery, the most brutal thing about the F-5 is the force with which a person is drilled onto the mat, almost face-first.
The F-5
It might take Lesnar more than one bone-rattling F-5 to end a match sometimes, but when combined with other moves, the F-5 usually seals the deal for the superstar.
Randy Orton's iconic finisher, the RKO, may not seem like it requires brute strength, but Orton's ability to keep his opponents on their toes makes it a deadly move.
The RKO is so devastating that it has injured its purveyor to the point of needing back fusion surgery, leaving Orton wishing he could go back in time and create a new move.
Beth Phoenix was a force to be reckoned with in WWE, partly due to her raw and brutal finisher, The Glam Slam, which sent a competitor face-first into the mat.
The Glam Slam
Phoenix has hit the Glam Slam on dozens of female and male wrestlers alike, but she has gone on record to say her favorite person to hit with the Glam Slam was Dolph Ziggler.
The Tombstone, popularized in the '80s and '90s by Kane and The Undertaker, is a brutal move that sends an opponent down headfirst into the mat.
The Tombstone
Both Kane and Undertaker have spoken about the difficulty of pulling off the brutal move themselves, and its risks and rewards, including not being great for the deliverer's knees.