Professional Wrestler "Rowdy" Roddy Piper (Photo by Paul Andrew Hawthorne/WireImage)
Wrestling Moments Promotions Wish You'd Forget
WWE: Muhammad Hassan
In 2005, Muhammad Hassan's attack on Undertaker with five masked men was aired on the same day that the London bombings took place. The timing of the events led to a media uproar, and WWE was asked to pull the plug on the whole angle — Hassan was then removed after his loss to ‘Taker.
ROH: G1 Supercard Run-in
In 2019, Big Cass and Enzo Amore jumped the barricade at the Ring of Honor and New Japan Pro-Wrestling G1 Supercard event, getting into a scrap with Jay and Mark Briscoe as well as Bully Ray in an untelevised segment. Although it’s unknown what they hoped to achieve, security didn't stop them, indicating that the run-in was planned.
WWE: Katie Vick Angle
In October 2002, Triple H claimed that Kane had caused the death of a woman named Katie Vick due to a drunk driving accident, doing unspeakable things to her body shortly after her passing. Triple H also put together a tape mocking the latter point that immediately went down as one of WWE's most tasteless moments.
Impact: Piper's Promo
During his feud with Vince Russo at Impact Wrestling, Roddy Piper blamed him for the death of Owen Hart in 1999, invoking the names of several other wrestlers to prove how dangerous Russo was to professional wrestling. This 2002 segment is difficult to watch as real-life deaths are used to advance a fictional story.
AEW: Matt Hardy's Injury
During the 2020 edition of AEW's All Out, the lift that Matt Hardy and Sammy Guevara were battling on crashed through a table onto the ground, with Hardy's head smacking against the concrete. Hardy continued the match after receiving medical care, securing the victory, but negative attention was brought to AEW.