CM Punk speaking into the microphone
Wrestling Moments That Didn't Follow The Plan
In May 1997, Shawn Michaels threw a barb at Bret Hart, saying that he was having 'sunny days' lately, referring to Sunny, with whom Michaels was rumored to be having a tryst.
The comment, which was meant to insinuate that Hart was also involved with Sunny, didn't even register with Hart at the time as it was totally unplanned and unexpected.
In a "Raw" episode in April, 2012, Brock Lesnar and John Cena engaged in a brawl that required backstage officials and other WWE superstars to enter the ring to keep them apart.
Lesnar's Punch
Amid the planned confrontation, Lesnar's very first punch busted Cena's mouth open, suggesting it may not have been a part of the plan.
At the peak of his feud with Jake Roberts, Randy Savage agreed to get bitten by Roberts' snake during a fight after confirming that the creature had been devenomized.
Jake's Snake
During the fight, the snake bit Savage as planned, but it didn't let go of his arm easily and kept gnawing it for over a minute, making for a classic wrestling moment.
In February 1998, Goldberg was in the midst of his iconic run of dominance before his match with William (then Steven) Regal, who decided to flip the script.
Goldberg vs Regal
In the match, Regal showed his technical prowess to humble Goldberg, who perhaps expected another quick victory. Regal later claimed that he was simply following orders.
During a 2017 match for the United States Championship between AJ Styles and Kevin Owens, Owens attempted to roll out of a crossface submission from Styles.
Accidental Win
Styles rolled with him, onto his back, largely out of view of the referee. Though Styles' shoulder was off the mat, the referee counted to three and Owens became the new champion.