PHILADELPHIA, PA - JUNE 01:  Professional wrestler Jeff Hardy of WWE The Hardy Boyz attends Wizard World Comic Con Philadelphia 2017 - Day 1 at Pennsylvania Convention Center on June 1, 2017 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  (Photo by Gilbert Carrasquillo/Getty Images)
Wrestling walkouts that caused some big-time controversy
Sasha Banks and Naomi
After WWE Women’s Tag Champs Sasha and Naomi walked out on May 16, 2022’s main event, WWE issued a lengthy statement against them. Both women were criticized in commentary, they were removed from WWE video intros, and all the merch featuring the two has been removed from the WWE shop.
Stone Cold Steve Austin
Austin’s frustration with the WWE grew as he was replaced at WrestleMania X8, and the wrestler walked out of the company upon learning that he was set to lose against Brock Lesnar for the King of the Ring qualifier. However, he would return the next year to patch things up with the company.
Jeff Jarrett and The Roadie
Jeff Jarrett and Road Dogg — real name Brian James — walked out of 1995's In Your House 2 and quit the WWE, instead of doing a filmed segment of Dogg splitting up with Jarrett. The two wrestlers were unhappy about being separated sooner than they wanted, but Jarrett wishes he had told Dogg, “Brian, don't leave with me.”
Jeff Hardy
Jeff Hardy walked out mid-match through the crowd during a WWE house show on December 4, 2021, which made many speculate that he had relapsed. He was released within a week, although Hardy has denied that he had relapsed, saying, “They think I took something, like drugs or whatever, but I didn't.”
After not being taken seriously on WWE’s main roster for months, Neville’s frustration gave way when he learned that he was booked to lose to Enzo Amore in the main event, and he walked out before an October 2017 episode of “Raw.” After negotiations failed, WWE released him in August 2018, and in 2019, Neville signed with AEW as Pac.