Professional Wrestling: WWE Hall of Fame Induction: Triple H at podium during ceremony at SAP Center.  
San Jose, CA 3/28/2015
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WWE Hall of Famers who never won the company's World Championship
Sean Waltman
Inducted twice, Sean Waltman was known as The Lightning Kid, The Cannonball Kid, and eventually, The 1-2-3 Kid, but when he returned to the WWF from WCW in 1998, he was X-Pac in the DX faction. He and his fellow degenerates helped shape the Attitude Era and picked up championship gold along the way — except for the
World Championship.
ted DiBiase
Ted "Million Dollar Man" DiBiase tried to buy the world champ title from Hulk Hogan in the late '80s, but when he was rejected, he hired André the Giant to beat Hogan and then just hand over the title to DiBiase. This reign was never officially recognized by the WWE and erased from the history books, yet DiBiase was still inducted as the ultimate heel of his era.
Jake 'The Snake' Roberts
One of the most despicable heels in the WWF, Jake Roberts feuded with numerous icons but never won a single title, including 1996's King of the Ring, which became a star-making event for "Stone Cold" Steve Austin instead. Regardless, Roberts has said it didn't bother him that he never won the big one, as he felt he was already a star without the title.
Jeff "Double J" Jarrett
Jed Jarrett won the Intercontinental Championship six times, yet there was a reluctance to elevate him to World Champion, and it was only after he joined WCW and TNA that he claimed the title. On his podcast, Jarrett said of his first WCW World Champion reign, "I had zero decision in it [...] it was, 'Jeff, we're gonna make you champion.'"
Ron Simmons
Although Ron Simmons was the first African American to win the WCW World Heavyweight Championship and won the tag title on several occasions, he never had the same success solo. When he joined WWF, many expected he would be a good challenge for the title, but The Rock got the push from the promotion instead.