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WWE Stars Who Have Been Arrested
In 2022, former wrestler Brett DiBiase was indicted on various violations involving fraud and embezzlement of the state of Mississippi's welfare fund.
Brett DiBiase
DiBiase was charged alongside his father and brother, Ted DiBiase and Ted DiBiase Jr. Brett pled guilty to conspiracy to defraud the United States and faces five years in prison.
In February 2022, Cain Velasquez was accused of shooting at a man who had been arrested and released on bond following alleged sexual abuse of Velasquez's son.
Cain Velasquez
He was arrested and booked into Santa Clara County jail on a first-degree attempted murder charge. Released after eight months, he is now set to face trial in January 2024.
Also known as Edward Annis, Teddy Hart has a long list of allegations, arrests, and legal troubles to his name, including a 2014 sexual assault charge in Canada.
Teddy hart
He has also been charged with a DUI, evading arrest, auto theft, strangulation leading to bodily harm, and many other charges related to possession of controlled substances.
MVP, whose real name is Alvin Burke Jr., spent time in a street gang as a teenager. He served a six-month sentence in a juvenile detention center for his part in a robbery.
Later, he completed nine and a half years of an 18-year sentence for armed robbery and kidnapping. He came out a different man and ended up getting a contract with WWE in 2005.
Tammy Sytch began her career in 1994 and soared to popularity while representing various wrestlers and tag teams before being arrested for violating a restraining order.
Tammy Sytch
In 2022, Sytch was charged with DUI manslaughter after a crash resulted in the death of a 75-year-old man. As of October 2023, she’s facing up to 25 years in prison.