DX carrying a victorious Mankind who's holding a title belt
WWE's Greatest Feel Good Moments
After many attempts at quelling Daniel Bryan's increasing organic popularity, the star got a match in Wrestlemania XXX against Batista and Randy Orton.
Bryan's Wrestlemania Win
Bryan ended up toppling both Batista and Orton in the Triple Threat main event and lifted two title belts, an image that will forever be an iconic moment in WWE history.
After spending years in mid-card purgatory, an injury to Mustafa Ali led to Kingston getting a slot in a gauntlet match and the Elimination Chamber match that followed.
Those matches turned him into a fan favorite and earned him a match in WrestleMania 35 against "The New" Daniel Bryan. Kingston won the match and lifted the WWE title belt.
Despite his best efforts, the "NXT" title always eluded Sami Zayn. One such loss included a Fatal-4 Way match where Adrian Neville unfairly won the title.
Zayn Wins NXT Title
This set up a match between him and Zayn at "NXT" TakeOver: R-Evolution. With his career hanging in balance, Zayn won the match fair and square and lifted the title.
Roman Reigns announced on October 22, 2018, that he had been battling leukemia for 11 years. He then left his title in the ring and took a hiatus.
Roman's Remission
In February 2019, he returned to "Raw" to inform his fans that he was in remission. Later that same night, Reigns even ran out to help Dean Ambrose, delighting the crowd.
Edge hung up his boots in 2011 due to an injury, breaking the hearts of many fans. His return seemed impossible, but it came nine years later at the 2020 Royal Rumble.
Edge Returns
Edge entered the ring, visibly full of emotions. From his first spear back to his stare down with AJ Styles to the Rated-RKO reunion, his first night back was a joyous sight.