Brian Pillman Jr. looking onwards
WWE's Lexis King Says Stepfather's Abuse 'Made Me Who I Am Today'
After not finding much fame or success outside of a few key matches and moments in AEW, Brian Pillman Jr. joined WWE NXT as Lexis King, a name that referred to his stepfather.
King explained that his stepfather had influenced his life more than his own father. "This man berated me, neglected me, and abused me [...]," King explained on Booker T's podcast.
He added, "I am a King. [...] He never officially adopted me and gave me his name, but I have every right to use that name because what I went through made me who I am today."
Having lived with his stepfather from the age of four till 13 and faced abuses that shaped his life today, the WWE NXT star felt he was "more of a King" than a Pillman.
"If that means when I step into the ring with you that I'm going to be a vile piece of s**t and beat the crap out of you, that's what it's going to be," King said.