MADRID, SPAIN - OCTOBER 19: Actor Dwayne Johnson poses with fans at the "Black Adam" premiere at Cine Capitol on October 19, 2022 in Madrid, Spain. (Photo by Beatriz Velasco/Getty Images)
Young Rock's Adrian Groulx Had To Build Up Courage To DM Dwayne Johnson
NBC's "Young Rock" features four versions of Dwayne Johnson, including the future Rock, Dwayne in his early 20s, teenager Rock, and the youngest Rock at the age of 10, portrayed by Adrian Groulx. However, Groulx didn't interact with Dwayne for a long time until his fellow "Young Rock" star Bradley Constant nudged him in the right direction.
After two seasons of the show, Groulx finally interacted with The Rock during the production of Season 3, and he's very glad he did. Groulx said, "I never really had the guts to reach out to him one-on-one. So this season, Bradley finally pushed me to message him twice."
The child actor continued, "I was never confident enough to actually send him a DM." However, after hearing very nice things about The Great One for years, Groulx said, "being there and meeting him in person, and him just talking to me, he was so nice as everybody said. It was everything I could ask for."