Zac Efron holding up a belt in the iron claw
Zac Efron Got Very Ripped For Iron Claw
Zac Efron is starring in the 2023 A24 film “The Iron Claw,” a biopic about one of wrestling's most famous, and most tragic, families, The Von Erichs.
The Iron Claw
Efron is playing Kevin Von Erich, the last surviving brother in the family. He was cast in the movie in June 2022, and has used that time to get absolutely jacked.
Zac Efron trained one muscle group per day. He used supersets in his workouts, meaning he didn’t take breaks between exercises so his body burned more calories.
Training & Recovery
Efron took ice baths routinely to recover from training. He told Men’s Health that ice baths are his “favorite part of the day,” and before them is when he’s “most miserable.”
To achieve the jacked look of a professional wrestler in the ‘70s and ‘80s, Efron needed to bulk up. The actor made many dietary and lifestyle changes in order to do so.
Bulking Up
Although Efron still wishes he was vegan for moral reasons, eating foods with protein aided him in his workouts. When he stopped eating vegan food, he intermittently fasted.
Efron’s trainer, Farren Morgan, told British GQ that Efron had to focus on optimizing “his strength and mobility training” to remain “fast and agile.”
Trainer Speaks
Morgan said some of Efron’s staple exercises to train with included overhead squats, pull-ups, back extensions, weighted hanging leg raises, and incline bench presses.
Efron started each day at 11:00 a.m. with bone broth. For his next meal of the day, he combined vegetables with a clean protein, such as chicken, beef, or venison.
What He Eats
Each day, Efron’s last meal was his heaviest. He told Men’s Health they were usually a “good source of meat and [a] healthy carbohydrate, like sweet potatoes or quinoa.”